powered by miracles
obraztsov puppet theatre /
3, Sadovaya Samotechnaya
September 21, Thursday
13:00 Peter Pan and Wendy 6+, Obraztsov puppet theatre, Moscow, Russia. Big stage
15:30 Workshop by Nadezhda Balyberdina “New technologies and materials at the Obraztsov puppet theatre. Third stage
19:00 Krotkaya 12+, Maly Theatre, Moscow, Russia. Main stage of the Maly Theatre

September 22, Friday
14:00 Presentation of the manual on technology and materials of the puppet theatre. Lecture hall
16:30 Public talk by Director Dmitry Vikhertesky, creator of "Flowers of Algernon"
18:00 Hermit and Six-Toes 16+, Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theatre, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Small stage
20:00 Godunov 16+, Chelyabinsk State Puppet Theatre. Chelyabinsk, Russia. Big stage

September 23, Saturday
14:00 Flowers for Algernon 12+, Perm Puppet Theatre, Perm, Russia.
17:00 Flowers for Algernon 12+, Perm Puppet Theatre, Perm, Russia.
18:00 Playing Shakespeare 16+, Obraztsov puppet theatre, Moscow, Russia. Big stage
19:30 Lecture by the production designer, laureate of the Russian National Theatre Award “Golden Mask”, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Viktor Nikonenko. "Technology of the Miraculous". Lecture hall

September 24, Sunday
12:00 Love Machine 6+, Ornan Braier Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel. Small stage
13:00 Public talk by puppeteer, actor, and musician Ornan Brier “Choice of material for non-verbal performances for children.” Small stage
17:00 A bedtime story 6 +, Vologda Puppet Theatre, Vologda, Russia. Big stage

September 25, Monday
12:00 Conference "Inclusive projects in the museum and puppet theatre". Lecture hall
14:00 Lecture by Olesya Krenskaya, “Puppet theatre.The In/Animate.” Lecture hall
16:00 Marc Chagall's Strange Circus 12+, Donetsk State Puppet Theatre, Donetsk, DPR. Small stage

September 26, Tuesday
15:00 I want to be a wolf 6+, Nizhny Tagil Puppet Theatre, Nizhny Tagil, Russia. Big stage
16:00 Workshop by the Nizhny Tagil Puppet Theatre “Puppets and Time”. Big stage
19:00 “Visiting Obraztsov”, an evening of songs of romance.

September 27, Wednesday
11:00 Conference “Technologies of the miraculous in the puppet theatre”. Lecture hall
16:00 Kykhi 6+, St. Petersburg theatre "TSEKH", St. Petersburg, Russia. Big stage
19:00 The Mermaid 12 + Bryansk Regional Puppet Theatre, Bryansk, Russia. Small stage

September 28, Thursday
18:00 The Earth and the Universe 12 + Yase Tamam Theatre, Tehran, Iran. Big stage
20:00 Closing ceremony of the XII International Puppet Theatre Festival